How Much Does It Cost To Charge a BMW I3?

Have you recently considered a BMW I3 and are wondering how much it costs to charge it? Or are have you already bought one but are concerned about the cost of charging it both at home and outside? Perhaps you are just curious about how much operating electric cars costs. Whatever your reason might be that brought you here today, we can help!

We know all too well how hard it can be to find out how much it will cost to charge your new electric car, and BMWs are no different! Finding one clear answer you can trust can be challenging, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and unsure if you should proceed with your purchase. 

Well, worry no more! Today we are here with the answers that you need. So keep reading to find out how much it costs to charge your BMW I3 at home and a charging station so you can work out if it’s the right car for you! 

How Much Does It Cost To Charge A BMW I3 At Home?

Let’s get straight into it! The cost of charging your BMW I3 at home will vary based on a few factors. The first and most important one is how much you pay for your electricity. If you aren’t sure about the price per kWh, you can check this on your electricity bill or any documentation you have received from the energy company. 

The average cost of electricity per kWh in the US is 17 cents, meaning it can cost roughly $7.57 to charge your BMW I3 from 0% to 100%. Now, if you pay more for your electricity, that cost will be higher, and you could be paying as much as $24 to charge your car once!

You can then multiply that number by the number of times you would fully charge your car in a month to see how much extra is added to your energy bill. 

The cost will be lower if you do not charge your car from flat or not charge it to 100%. Charging it to 80%, for example, will be a few dollars cheaper, saving you some money in the long term.

It’s worth noting, though, that not fully charging your BMW I3 does mean that you will get less mileage before needing to recharge your car, so bear that in mind before setting out on any journeys!

Another factor to consider is the charger that you are using. The numbers listed earlier are based on using a standard 120V plug socket. These take the longest to charge, with a rate of 4 miles per hour.

However, if you purchase the charging wall socket, you can charge at 240V, giving your 30 miles per hour of charging quite the difference! You will need to consider the added cost of the charging box and that although it will be quicker, a 240V charging rate will use slightly more electricity but be on for less time. Weigh up these options before making your decision.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge A BMW I3 Out?

Now, you might be wondering, how much will it cost me to charge my BMW I3 when I am out and about? It won’t always be possible to charge your car to full at home or during long journeys. However, you might need to recharge, and that’s where charging stations come into play! 

The cost of charging your BMW I3 at public charging stations does vary across the country. How electric charging station’s bill varies too; some are free, some are pay-as-you-go, and some run on a subscription fee. We recommend doing your research beforehand (especially when setting off on a journey) to find free stations near you or along your journey. 

If you aren’t visiting a free charging station, then be sure to check how your payment will be processed. For example, if you complete a lot of long journeys where you frequently need to refuel, then a subscription-based service might be cheaper for you. So you might find you need to sit down with a pen and paper to compare the overall cost of pay-as-you-go versus a subscription fee.

When doing this, you will also need to consider how the public charging station will charge you. Some charge for electricity based on the cost per kWh, whereas others charge you based on how long you charge your car. You can find this information online by searching for nearby charging stations or asking when you arrive at the station. 

Another factor to consider is the charger that you are using at the station. Your BMW I3 has access to faster DC charging times, meaning in just 10 minutes, you can see up to 75 miles added to your car! They will also be able to use regular chargers at these stations too.

It’s worth noting that at present, Tesla stations are only available if you have a compatible adapter for your charger, but this is set to change in the future as they make their chargers available for all. 

It’s hard to give a one answer fits all to public charging, so we recommend doing your research beforehand. If possible, find free charging stations near you and utilize them. After all, who can say no to a freebie?

Final Word

And just like that, we have come to the end of our BMW I3 journey today! As you can see, the cost of charging your BMW I3 will vary depending on the cost of electricity at your home and which charging station you use on the go!

So remember to visit some comparison sites to see if you can lower the cost of your energy bill, making it slightly cheaper to charge your car at home. 

The BMW I3 is an iconic vehicle in the story of the electric vehicle. However, there are some quirks involved with owning one. So knowing how to reset an I3 and how to lift an I3 aren’t necessarily as straightforward as a regular gas-powered vehicle.

Although it can seem like your electricity bill will dramatically increase, remember that you won’t be spending money on gas as you regularly would, meaning you could save yourself hundreds of dollars in the course of owning an electric car!

Now that you know roughly how much it costs to charge a BMW I3, you may also need to consider which home EV charger best suits your particular need.