EV-America is an online resource striving to educate America about the future of mobility. Year-on-year investment in the electric vehicle industry has grown globally at incredible speed. Now the United States is betting on a future that has a cleaner and more climate-friendly transportation industry.

But there will need to be a seismic shift in the population’s mindset. ‘Oh, but what if it runs out of battery?’ or ‘But I’ll be stuck miles from home for weeks!’ are the types of questions that most of the uninitiated ask.

We are here to tell them that these issues have already been solved, and the industry is fast becoming as efficient as the fossil-fueled one you are used to. EVs have incredible range, and finding a charger is becoming a sinch.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee and dive into the world of electric mobility by starting with some frequently asked questions.

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I’m the founder and chief editor here at EV-America. I’m a lover of technology trends and a veteran of many an Ibiza weekender. Currently, I run an SEO consultancy in addition to this little corner of the interwebs. Welcome, and I hope that we can provide the portal you need to leap into an electrically powered world!


Nice to e-meet you. I’m Rowan. I graduated from the University of Cape Town with a mechanical and electrical engineering degree, so I’m a bit of a stickler on the topic. However, my latest fascination is the rise of electric vehicles, and I’ve also been known to like the odd bit of electronic music here and there!