How Do I Reboot BMW I3 (Hard Reset)?

Do you have a BMW I3 and are wondering how you reboot its computer? Are you looking at your car and thinking, this needs to be reset, but I don’t know how?

Or perhaps you are considering purchasing a BMW I3 and want to know everything about it before taking the plunge? Like knowing how to jack an electric vehicle up? Whatever the reason is that brought you here today, you aren’t alone! 

Many of us still feel in the dark when it comes to electric cars. And the BMW I3 is no exception. We sit and marvel at them, wondering how they work and what we are expected to do when they don’t perform as they should.

And when you consider that these electric cars essentially come with a computer in them, we find ourselves wondering if turning them off and on again will fix any issues. We start to worry about fixing an issue ourselves and the added cost we might experience as we take it to a mechanic for every issue. 

Well, no more! Today we are here to tell you how to reboot your BMW I3 to fix any bugs or issues and get you on the move again! Keep reading to find out all that you need to know!

Remember, we aren’t mechanics here, just your friendly helper, so be sure to take your car to a professional or the dealership if you have concerns that we cannot fix today. 

How Do I Reboot BMW I3?

Let’s get straight into it! To reboot your BMW I3, you will be resetting the computer. While that sounds daunting or complicated, it isn’t and can be done in four simple steps! Follow the instructions below to reboot your BMW I3s computer. 

  1. Turn the ignition key into the accessory position. Here the lights and radio will come on before starting your car. 
  2. Next, press and hold the trip button. It’s located on the instrument panel. Hold the button down until the red light appears. 
  3. Then remove your finger and press the trip button for a second time. Hold it down again until reset appears. 
  4. To finish, press the trip button a third time. The computer is now reset. 

And there you have it, that wasn’t too difficult, was it? Once you have followed these steps, you can start your car, and it should run as normal. Rebooting your I3’s computer like this allows you to clear any bugs, and you should see a difference in your car’s performance. 

Instructions to reboot your BMW I3 can also be found in its user manual. This should have been given to you when you purchased or picked up the car, and although these documents can seem boring or dusty, they can be useful in these situations.

They also contain the correct advice from the manufacturer and should be your first port of call when you suspect an issue with your car. If you cannot locate your I3’s manual, then fear not! You can find versions to download online; just be sure it is for your car’s correct make and model.

To find them, simply type in your make and model, followed by a user manual pdf. A downloadable version will usually appear in the top few results, allowing you always to have access to a manual!

If the reset does not work, you might want to consider contacting the mechanic, the dealership, or the manufacturer, especially if your BMW I3 is still within warranty. In these cases, they can assess the vehicle and carry out any repairs necessary without you needing to pay.

Before contacting them, though, be sure to check your warranty to see what is covered and what repairs you might need to pay for. 

What About A Hard Reset?

Now that we have covered rebooting your BMW I3, you might be wondering about a hard reset. This involves forcing a reboot, like when you hold the power button down on a computer to reset it. Have you tried turning it off and on again is a wonder that helps not only computers but also the computer in your electric car! 

When we hard reset a BMW I3, we reset the iDrive (the tiny computer) within the car. You can use the method mentioned above, but it’s time for a hard reboot when that fails. To do this, you simply hold the volume button continuously. Avoid taking your finger off the volume button or pushing it, as all this will do is turn the volume in and off, not restart the system. 

For a successful reboot, you will want to continuously hold the volume button in for 20-25 seconds. You might want to set a timer on your phone or count aloud when doing so. The system should then reset, and when you turn your car off and on again, you should notice a marked difference. 

If not, you might need to consider resetting your BMW to factory settings. You can do this through the screen in your car, but note that doing so will delete all your driver profile information, any contacts, or data you have saved.

It should be viewed as a last resort before taking your car to a mechanic. To find out how to reset your BMW I3 to factory settings, you should consult your user manual. The correct information and steps to follow will be stated there, along with any advice that you might need. 

You can also check out some tutorials online that can be super helpful. If you like visuals to follow and check that you are completing the work correctly, then head over to YouTube to see how to reset your BMW I3 to factory settings. 

Final Word

As you can see, rebooting or hard resetting your I3 isn’t a difficult task and can be completed in a few simple steps! To summarise, here is the process for resetting the I3 below:

  1. Turn the ignition key into the accessory position.
  2. Next, press and hold the trip button.
  3. Press the trip button for a second time. Hold it down again until reset appears.
  4. Press the trip button a third time. Reset complete

Be sure to follow the instructions listed above and consult your user manual or a professional for more tailored advice.

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