Morec Ev Charger Review

You probably know the big players in the electric vehicle home charger market. The ChargePoints, the JuiceBoxes, and the best of the rest.

It’s time to step away from the high-priced charging life and investigate something that’s a little more accessible, less costly, and (let’s be honest) a little more generic.

Morec is not an especially well-known brand, but it does tend to be offered in places where the more prominent players fear to tread. So not only can you get a Morec electric vehicle charger at Walmart and eBay, but you can also find them on less US-mainstream supplier sites, like Alibaba and AliExpress.

Morec chargers are probably not where your eye initially goes, wherever you buy your electric vehicle charger. But they’re probably always there, out-shouted by marketing and out-written by reviewers. And naturally, if you want pretty rapid delivery and the chance of a warranty, you can get them on Amazon.

So let’s show at least a bit of love to the little guys and see whether the likes of the Morec Level 2 32 amp charger can actually compete for your interest and your money. Now let’s get into this particular EV home charger review.


  • Portable Design:
    The Morec Level 2 EV charger features a portable design and comes with a 26-foot-long charging cable and NEMA 14-50 plug. 
  • Level 2 Charger:
    The EV charger is a Level 2 product capable of charging up to 32A. 
  • LCD Display Box:
    The Morec Level 2 EV charger has an LCD box, which you can use to display essential readings and data.
  • Certified Product:
    The EV charger has been certified by the CE and TUV and has an overall rating of IP66.


  • No Bag Included:
    Unfortunately, the EV charge does not come with a bag, and its overall design could be considered basic. 
  • Not easy on the eyes:
    The Morec EV charger isn’t going to win any beauty contests in a hurry.


One of the main reasons people tend to ignore (or even to not-see) Morec chargers is that they have a look that makes even other generic EV chargers ask, “Could you not have worn a tie?”

In bringing you a frill-free, highly functional EV charger, Morec has opted for a look that’s somewhere between a vacuum cleaner nozzle and a home colonic irrigation kit.

Pretty, the Morec charger is not. In case you were wondering, it is 26 feet of cable – which is longer than some of the more expensive star players in the market. With a plug at one end, an information panel in the middle, and a nozzle that every man who buys one will pretend is James Bond’s Walther PPK. And which, divorced from such dazzling imagination, looks like something you’d use to do unspeakable things to cows.

It’s also surprisingly heavy, given what it is. You almost wonder if it’s been secretly carved from dark matter (that makes up an unnervingly unseen proportion of the universe). But no – it’s just those four elements – the plug, the information panel, the practical yards of power cord, and the nozzle of car-charging lightning.

While the heaviness is in no sense a deal-breaker, it’s worth knowing so that it doesn’t surprise you unduly when it arrives. Instead, expect something in the region of 10 pounds.


So, what are you getting for your money?

Firstly, you’re getting a Level 2 home charging cable, so you can access higher-speed charging than anything Level 1 would give you.

In terms of power, you’re looking at 32 amps, 220-240 Volts, with a NEMA 14-50 plug. That means you could be looking at anything up to 6x the charging speed of some chargers on the market, making your day a lot easier. Is it in the league of the big players?

No. But then you’re paying around half the price for it, so you’d have to be living in LaLaLand to expect to get the same results.

6x the charging power has to be fast enough to improve your home charging game though, and for a generic charger, it’s on the right side of impressive.

Of course, it’s only on the right side of impressive if your electric vehicle can take a charge of 32 amps or more.

Sure, the Tesla Model 3 is leading the charge of electric vehicles to higher and higher charge points (taking up to 48 amps). But if you have an earlier or a smaller model that won’t benefit from the 32 amp version, don’t spend your money on the 32 amp Morec.

Lower amperage versions like the 15 amp version can save you a good chunk of cash and still give you a reasonable charge that your car can use more particularly.

The Information Panel

The information panel on the Morec charger is a neat halfway house between standard plug-and-play charging cords and the wired-in, hardcore charging stations from the big boys. It’s not huge, but it gives you a lot of the data you need about your charge.

Once you’ve plugged the Morec into the 220 V ~240 V NEMA 14-50 outlet you’ve chosen, you’ll see a screen full of illuminated (and illuminating) information, which includes:

  • A display of the amperage being drawn from the charger into the car – usually around 30.2 amps.
  • A display of available voltage. This number will fluctuate but is usually – if all is well – between 239V-242.4V. Don’t panic if it fluctuates in roughly this range. On the other hand, feel free to panic if it does much above or below these numbers. 
  • A display of how long ago the charge started, in hours, minutes, and even seconds.
  • A temperature display in Fahrenheit. This is to tell you how hot the charge is running. Ideally, keep this number as low as possible, as it will extend the working lifespan of your charger. 
  • And lastly, bottom right, there’s a “32A” symbol. That’s just the rating of what the charger is capable of—simple information, not mystic sorcery. 

More pros of the Morec 32 Amp EV Charger

Price: There are few Level 2, 32 amp electric vehicle chargers at a price-point to match the Morec, so what you get is a heck of a lot of charging power for an aggressively low price

Relatively rapid charging: Using 32 amps, you can inject up to 7-7.5kWh of power into your electric vehicle’s battery. That means something like a Chevy Bolt can go from dead to fully charged in about 7.5 hours. Smaller electric cars like the popular 2nd Generation Nissan Leaf, with a smaller, 24kW battery pack, can get fully charged in under half that time.

The information screen gives you all the most critical information you could want about your charge, taking Morec above some of its competition in terms of what you know.

The charger temperature readout is handy, given that all electronics will tend towards overheating. By keeping an eye on this figure, you’ll know if and when your charger is getting unhelpfully hot. Mitigating that heat can help you extend the lifespan of your charging cable by a considerable length of time.

Installing this charger is the work of moments. You can simply plug it into an appropriate circuit, and if you want to keep the cable tidy, use some double-sided tape to create a threadable loop.

More Cons of the Morec 32 Amp EV Charger

We’ve called this the Morec charging cable because that’s its most frequently used name. Checking thoroughly through the Amazon listings though, you’ll find exactly the same charger branded with at least five different names. While the product itself works perfectly well, that kind of identity diffusion leads to consumer jumpiness.

Plastic construction: While this is understandable given the price-point, and there’s a sure “get what you pay for” ethos at work here, be careful when handling this charging cable. If the nozzle falls and cracks, you could be looking at game over for this unit.

The charge-timer is not so much erratic as perverse: When you finish a charging session, the timer that tells you how long the electric vehicle has been charging for immediately resets. And so does the display of kilowatts delivered.

You need to watch this like a cat with a mouse if you want to get accurate readings for how much power was delivered to your electric vehicle. You might do well to check the amount the charger tells you has been given by getting into the car and checking how much electro-juice the vehicle’s systems say you’ve given it.

The Morec charger doesn’t have an app for remote monitoring of your charge. You knew this, of course – only the high-end systems tend to come with an app or a personal digital assistant link. So you save a lot on initial outlay with the Morec charger, but you lose some of the niceties of the more expensive systems by going this way.


The Morec charger is frequently there wherever you look for electric vehicle charging equipment. But it looks industrial and rarely gets marketed to the full limit of its potential, allowing flashier and more expensive chargers to win many a battle for sales.

We found that while it’s a heavy chunk of plastic, and some of its information is perversely sensitive and prone to technical but not practical correctness, you still get a lot of charger for the money you pay for the Morec.

Yes, some people will be put off by the diffuseness – not to say the meaninglessness – of the Morec brand when the exact same item is available in at least five other manufacturer liveries. And that highlights a lack of corporate infrastructure and support if and when anything goes wrong.

But in terms of the actual operation of the cable and in terms of speeding up the charging of your electric vehicle, you can do much worse than the Morec 32 amp. And you can pay a lot more for the privilege, too.

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