Can A Nissan Leaf Jump Start Another Car? (And Can It Be Jumpstarted)

Can Nissan Leaf Jump Start Another Car

Cars are tricky contraptions. Sometimes things can go wrong, and you’re left with a flat battery. One of the only ways to get a car started again so that you can take it to the mechanic or get to where you need to be going is to jump-start the battery.

If you have a friend or colleague in trouble with their car, you may be wondering if you and your Nissan Leaf can come to their rescue. So can a Nissan Leaf jump-start another car?

The short answer is yes, a Nissan Leaf can technically be used to jump-start another car. However, it’s not recommended. 

This is because a Nissan Leaf typically has a small 12V battery. So you should be mindful of the type of vehicle you are trying to jump-start before you get started. If it is a larger diesel or gasoline battery that you are trying to start, the Nissan Leaf battery may struggle to do this.

You should only attempt to jump-start one of these vehicles using your Nissan Leaf if there really are no other cars to jump-start them.

In fact, the user manual for your Nissan Leaf actually tells you not to try to jump-start another car using the battery. This is because it likely doesn’t have enough power to jump-start a gasoline engine and could damage your battery.

So this is a process that should be approached with some caution if you want your Nissan Leaf battery to last you for years to come.

Using an electric or hybrid car is not recommended to try and jump-start a conventional car. This is because their 12V batteries lack the punch needed to start these vehicles. You could risk damaging your Nissan Leaf if you attempt to do so.

But what about jump-starting a Nissan Leaf? Can a Nissan Leaf be jump-started?

The answer to this second question is yes, a Nissan Leaf can be jump-started. The great news is that you don’t have to use another electric car for this, either. A conventional engine should be able to jump-start a Nissan Leaf’s engine just fine.

Can You Jump Start A Car With Another Car?

You can use a car to jump-start another car, yes. However, things get a little bit trickier if one of the cars involved is an electric car.

Electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf can easily be jump-started by a conventional car. However, they should not be used to jump-start a diesel or gasoline engine. Your Nissan Leaf won’t be able to give the conventional car enough power to do so.

The good news is that you can indirectly use your Nissan Leaf to charge a more conventional car. This will involve using a charger that will be connected to the electric car’s 12V DC outlet. 

If you tried to use your Nissan Leaf to jump-start another car, this would put undue strain on the battery. Another factor you may not have considered is that it could also risk damaging the DC/DC converter.

This is a component that is necessary to keep your Nissan Leaf’s battery running at optimal charge and power. So this will be a part of your car that you don’t want to damage.

If you’re stuck in an emergency situation, and there really is no other way for you to jump-start someone else’s vehicle, then your Nissan Leaf, in theory, could be used to try and get this second car started. However, you should be mindful of the fact that you may damage your car in the process.

Is It Bad For My Battery To Jump Start Another Car?

Using your electric car, such as the Nissan Leaf, will be very bad to jump-start another gasoline car. This is because their 12V battery is much smaller than a conventional car’s battery, so won’t be able to give it enough power to crank the internal combustion engine.

While a Nissan Leaf can technically be used to jump-start a second car, this could actually damage your car in the process.

You should also bear in mind that you could damage your conventional car’s battery if you don’t follow the right procedure for a jump start. You will need to ensure that you connect the jumper cables to the right places before you jump-start a vehicle. Otherwise, you could seriously damage your car’s battery.

Can You Damage Your Car By Jumping Another Car?

Yes, it is possible to damage both your car and the car you are trying to jump if you do this incorrectly. You could cause overvoltage when jump starting, which can then damage any electronic equipment in your car. You will especially damage your car if you are trying to use an electric car such as the Nissan Leaf to jump-start a gasoline engine.

In Summary

So there you have it! Even though you can technically use any car to jump-start another vehicle, this isn’t recommended in the case of the Nissan Leaf.

Or, in fact, any electric vehicle! This is because electric cars have a small 12V battery. These smaller batteries don’t have the power required to jump-start a conventional car’s battery.

If you try to use your Nissan Leaf to jump-start another car, you could end up damaging your battery in the process. The user manual specifically recommends against doing this, as the battery will struggle to jump-start another car’s battery. However, a Nissan Leaf can be jump-started from another conventional car. Check out the video below.

Your Nissan Leaf could be used to help charge another vehicle’s battery, as this shouldn’t risk damaging your car.

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