Are Hybrids Expensive To Maintain?


We’ll look at the hybrid both inside and out so that you can be sure you are getting the most from your electric and gas car.

One of the main reasons you might be considering buying a hybrid car is because of the running costs. Not only do these vehicles guzzle far less oil, but you can also be certain that they will have far less mileage and wear and tear on the engine.

The hybrid car is certainly very similar to a regular car in a lot of ways: they have a 1.5-liter engine with manual or CVT transmission.

However, where the hybrid saves you on money is the engine, as when it is in slower running mode, it will require far less gas and there will be a lot less wear and tear on the engine.

  • So how expensive is it to maintain a hybrid car?
  • How much gas will you need to give it?
  • How many monthly repairs will this car need?
  • How does it stack up against a regular car?
  • How good is the braking system on a hybrid and will it cost you more or less on repairs?

If you want answers to all your hybrid-related queries, then we would suggest that you read on.

We’ll cover everything about the hybrid car so that you won’t have to worry about your costs and you can finally settle the question about whether or not you should opt for this half and half or whether you should go for the full gas mobile.

Is It More Expensive To Maintain A Hybrid Car?

Generally, you will not end up forking out more for your hybrid car than you would for a fully automated gas-powered car. In fact, there are various features in a hybrid car that will ultimately reduce the overall running costs of your vehicle. We’ll talk more about this in-depth later on.

When hybrids were first developed, it was a lot more difficult to repair then, with owners having to take their electric-gas car to the dealership to get them repaired.

However, these days there are a lot more mechanics trained in using the hybrid car, so maintaining them is a lot more widely available and a lot cheaper.

If your car is idling, then you can be certain that it will be running at a much lower rate. You can also be sure that there’s far less wear and tear on the engine.

If you have a smaller hybrid car, then you’ll probably need a lot fewer oil changes, once every 3,000 miles as opposed to once every 1,850 miles.

How Often Should You Recharge The Electric Battery?

This will all depend on how often you are using it. You’ll notice that there is an indicator of how low your electric battery is running on your dashboard. Once it is near the red then you’ll have to find a fuel station that has a battery recharging port.

The one thing that you will have to change on a hybrid car is the air filter system. This will only be on certain brands of hybrid such as the Ford Escape hybrid.

The air filter on this unit should be replaced every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. This means that you’ll remove all the dust, which will often impact the efficiency of the battery itself.

Most of the time a battery pack will fail after around 60,000 miles, however, most of these units will come with a warranty that will guarantee you 8 years of coverage. You will have to consult with your dealership before buying your car regarding your warranty.

When hybrids were first introduced on the market, the price of a regular battery was astronomical at around $8,000. However, thankfully these days they are much cheaper, coming at a meager cost of only $2,000.

How Much Wear And Tear Is There On A Hybrid Engine?

There will be far less wear and tear on your hybrid, simply because of the nature of how it runs. When your engine is idling, then it will use far less fuel, which will in turn not cause any unnecessary damage to your engine.

This means that the engine on your hybrid will generally last a lot longer than a regular car engine.

How Long Do Hybrid Brakes Last?

The heat that is generated by the brake pads is a lot less than in a regular car. This means that your brakes will last for a lot longer, giving you everything that you need for those fast and intense driving experiences.

One way to preserve your brake pads is to make sure that you are driving automatic rather than manual. This will cause much less stress on your braking, which will ultimately relieve the pressure on these pedals and cause them to last a lot longer.

Hybrid cars also use regenerative braking, which means that you can decelerate without having to use the brakes at all.

How Much Do You Have To Maintain A Hybrid Battery?

Most of the time, you won’t have to change your hybrid battery, although once a month the dealer will run a ‘hybrid check’ that will hook your machine up to a computer that will then run a maintenance check to make sure that your battery is running at optimum efficiency.

This maintenance check should cost you nothing on paper.

There are very rare occurrences when your car’s battery could blow up, although these batteries are designed to withstand intense pressures and the chances of this happening are very unlikely.

Most car hybrid batteries will last you around 200,000 miles, which is very impressive. You should still take your battery in for regular checkups to rule out any malfunctions.

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