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How To Get A Chargepoint Home Charger To Connect To WiFi

ChargePoint Home chargers are basically 240 volt Level 2 electric vehicle chargers that can give up to 40 miles of driving range per hour of charge. As these chargers are so efficient and easy to use, they have become popular additions to many homes of EV owners.

With Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can track and monitor your ChargePoint charger with the mobile app. However, the charger can sometimes have some connectivity issues, just like any other electronic device, that will need to be rectified, if you want to get the most use out of your ChargePoint Home. 

Fortunately, this guide offers troubleshooting solutions for WiFi problems, and instructions on how to get your ChargePoint Home to connect to Wifi!  

What is a Chargepoint Home Charger?

If you need a home charging solution, then ChargePoint Home will be perfect for you. Chargepoint Home is the easiest and simplest way to charge an electric vehicle at home. This EV charger is easy to use, convenient and reliable, making sure that you are always ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice. 

The Chargepoint Home is the smallest tethered and Wi-Fi enabled home electric vehicle charger, making charging your EV a breeze. Chargepoint Home has a sleek design, with LED lights to show you the status of your charging vehicle, and keeps the cable neatly and tidily tucked away safely. 

If you want faster charging times, then this charger is a great solution. It can charge up to 7.4 kW, which can give you about 40 kilometers of range per hour, and can charge most EVs in under 4 hours. Yet, it is still small and compact to keep in your home!

One of the biggest advantages of the Chargepoint Home charger is that it is Wifi enabled. This means that you can schedule charging your EV, and set reminders so that you never forget that you need to charge it again. 

But, if you are struggling to connect the charger to the WiFi network, you could be missing out on a lot of features that come with the ChargePoint EV charger. So, how do you connect it to Wifi?  

How to get a Chargepoint Home Charger to connect to Wifi?

Without connecting your Chargepoint Home charger to the Wifi, you will not get the benefits, features and offers that it entails. To set up your Chargepoint Home charger, you will need to download the ChargePoint mobile app to activate your ChargePoint Home. 

To do this, you will first need to turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi on your phone. Make sure that you are standing close to or near the ChargePoint Home for it to be selected and connected. 

Open up your ChargePoint app, and go onto the Main Menu, then click on Home Charger. Then, you will need to select the option that says Set Up Home Charger, from the Home Charger page. 

Next, select the Activate button, and you should see a list of instructions to help you set up the charger on your WiFi. Once the charger is activated, you will be able to schedule charging times, start charging sessions remotely, or even set reminders for charging your electric vehicle.

You can also track your charging process all in one place, as long as you are connected to the Wifi, and the charger is also connected. 

However, as with most devices, the ChargePoint charger can sometimes have connectivity issues. Here are some troubleshooting tips to get your charger connected to the Wifi in no time!

Troubleshooting a ChargePoint Home Charger

To reconnect to your wifi network, follow these steps. First, you are going to want to check for internet access. It could be an issue with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or that your network is down, so you need to check this first.

Make sure that your ISP is working properly by trying to connect with other devices to see if it is the charger or the network that is the problem. 

Then, you can try restarting the router. In most cases, if there is an issue with wifi connectivity, this can be rectified with a simple restart. To do this, you will need to unplug the router from the wall, wait for a minute, and plug it back in. 

You should also check that all cables and connections are in place. If there is a loose connection, you will not be able to connect or get online. Once all cables are in place, and the router is connected, see if your ChargePoint charger will connect to the wifi. 

If it still has problems, then try to reconfigure the Wifi settings from your home charger menu. You can either delete or forget the Wifi network, and reconnect, or set up a new Wifi network if you have changed passwords or providers recently.

To do this, you will have to go to the ChargePoint mobile application, and select Reconfigure WiFi to access the wifi settings on the charger. Then, you can alter which network you connect to, and reconnect. 

Finally, if there is still an issue, then you may want to contact ChargePoint at 1-888-758-4389 for assistance. 

How Do You Reset a Chargepoint Home Charger?

If you are having a lot of trouble with your ChargePoint Home charger, or you feel that you have tried connecting and reconnecting to no avail, then it may be time to reset the charger completely. 

To do this, you will need to unplug and plug in your connector. Then, you will want to go to the Home Charging section of the phone app, select Settings, and then select Restore to Factory Default. This should fully reset the charger to factory settings, but you may have to set it up again, and connect it to the Wifi. 

Does Chargepoint Home Flex Work without Wifi?

The Chargepoint Home will be able to work and charge your vehicle without wifi, but we strongly recommend that you connect the charger to your wifi network so that you can take the full advantage of the charger’s features, and remain in control of how your EV charges. 

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