Chargepoint vs Blink – Which Is Better?

Have you recently joined the EV world and are wondering where is best to charge your car? Or perhaps you are looking for a different and more affordable public charging station to use? Or maybe you are confused, unsure where to turn and where to recharge your car? 

Well, you’re not alone! Many people aren’t sure what the best or cheapest car charging station is or how to find this information. It leaves many people paying far more than they should or using charge stations that just aren’t convenient to them. 

And that grinds my gears. So today, we are taking on two popular charge stations, Chargepoint and Blink, to help you find the one that best suits your needs. Keep reading for a detailed comparison that should tell you where to charge your car once and for all! 

Chargepoint Vs. Blink – Who are they? 

Let’s take a quick look at the two different brands to find out a little more about them before diving into our review. 


Chargepoint is the nation’s largest charging network! They have well over 68,000 charging points across the country, meaning you are bound to have seen one of these on your travels!

They have your standard level 2 charging and over 1,500 Level 3 fast charging (DC) units across the country. 

Their headquarters are based in California, and they are considered a popular choice for motorists. They have far more charging stations than any other company, meaning you are more likely to encounter these stations and charge at them! 


Compared to Chargepoint, Blink seems like a minuscule company! The Blink network is owned by Car Charging Group Inc and runs 3,275 level 2 and 3 public chargers across the country. 

They are passionate about innovation and continuing to grow the EV industry and push it forward. 

It’s this enthusiasm that leaves me hopeful that Blink will continue to grow and become a real contender in the EV charging station world. Currently, there aren’t too many of their charging stations across the country, but we anticipate that this will change in the future. 

How Much Do They Cost? 

Perhaps the most important question when charging your car in public is the cost! The cost does vary from station to station and company to company, leaving many of us confused and unsure which price is right for us. So let’s take a look at what Chargepoint and Blink can offer you. 


When it comes to the cost of Chargepoint, it can get a little confusing. Bear with me, though, as I take you through it! You will need to be a member to use Chargepoint stations, but registering is free and easy to do so! You can do this online or via the Chargepoint app on your smartphone. 

Chargepoint allows the property owner to set the charging rates. Many of their charge stations are free to use, with the owners absorbing the costs! It’s fantastic news for those looking to charge their cars without any surprise costs. 

To use their stations, you must enable charging through either a Chargepoint card, their app, or tap a charge-enabled phone. When you first use a station that charges a fee for charging, $10 will be charged to your specified credit card. The balance is then deducted from this $10 (or more if needed). 

Once you go below $5, another $10 is charged to the saved payment method. Before visiting a paid-for charging station, I recommend checking that you have enough funds on the card to cover any charges. It can be a little confusing to understand and is often why people opt for free charging stations where possible. 


Blink has a basic cost that you can follow and work out if it’s the best price for you or not. The basic costs are as follows. 

Level 2 Charging: $0.39- $0.79 per kWh/ $0.04 – $0.06 per minute 

Level 3 Fast Charging: $6.99 – $9.99 per session

The cost does vary, and this is often down to membership status. You don’t need to be a member to have access to and charge at a Blink charging station, but doing so does allow you to save money. You are more likely to have access to these lower costs, meaning you will spend less to charge your EV! 

It’s worth noting that these costs can vary depending on energy ratings in your area and if you are billed by the minute or kWh used.

There is yet to be one uniform charging method for EV public charging stations, so check the costs beforehand (more on how to do this is coming up). 

Where do I find these charging stations? 

The best way to find public charging stations before setting out is to research them. There are several apps you can download or websites that you can visit, like or

These websites will have the details of the charge stations and their locations, allowing you to find ones nearby, or plan a journey based on where charging stations are. 

They will also show you the type of connectors that they support and the cost or whether you need to be a member of their network or not.

As some companies only operate in certain areas or parts of the country, apps, and websites like these are invaluable and will help make your decisions much easier! You can also check directly on Chargepoint or Blink’s website for more information about them and where to find their charge stations. 

Chargepoint or Blink – Which is best?

Before I let you go today, let’s bring everything to a close! While both companies offer a range of level 2 and 3 charging, Chargepoint seems to have the edge because there are so many charge stations across the country.

They also boast a range of free charging stations, which can save you some money! Although it’s worth noting that their payment system can leave you with lots of charges to your bank account that you weren’t expecting, you will need to be mindful of this. 

On the other hand, Blink has fewer charging stations, but their prices are easier to follow. You also don’t need to be a member, meaning you can pop into recharge if you are caught short with limited options.

It’s worth considering all these factors when deciding which charging station is best suited to you. Don’t forget to download the apps or visit their websites to find the charging stations near you!

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