Can An Electric Car Go Through A Carwash?

Yes, you can take your electric car through a carwash regardless of whether they use rollovers, a jet wash system, or tunnels. This is because the components are sealed and will therefore not be affected by water damage.

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. There are many misconceptions regarding maintaining EVs, with suggestions that they should not be taken through a carwash.

If you own an electric car, this may make you question how you will keep your vehicle looking clean and fresh if water and electricity are not a suitable combination. 

Electric cars also undergo testing by the manufacturer before they are released to check that they can be driven in any weather, including harsh rain. If the vehicle does not successfully pass the ‘soak test’ that it is subjected to, it is not suitable for sale. 

An electric car is less likely to get damaged in a carwash than a traditional car. This is due to how each vehicle is designed. A conventional car is equipped with an engine that is powered by gas.

Connected to the engine are several pipes and vents that can become flooded by water. If this water accesses the engine, it can become quite severely damaged.

Of course, these issues don’t affect an electric car because these models are designed with electric components rather than vents and pipes. These components are also sealed to prevent the water from entering and causing damage. 

Preparing Your Electric Car For A Carwash Tunnel

You can follow several steps to ensure that your electric car is properly prepared for the carwash.

As mentioned previously, it is safe to take your car through an electric carwash, but there are additional steps that you can take for added security. 

1️⃣ Before entering the carwash, you must ensure that your vehicle is sufficiently charged. You don’t want to be mid-way through the process only to discover that the battery is flat

2️⃣ Secondly, you should ensure that all-electric, automatic functions are turned off before you head into the tunnel. This includes the windscreen wipers etc. 

While you need to turn the ignition on, you should make sure that the car is left in neutral. 

3️⃣ You will also need to ensure that the windows are rolled up and the doors are closed correctly. This will prevent the water from entering the inside of your vehicle unexpectedly. Also, ensure that any external objects are removed or folded out of the way.

For example, the side mirrors should be folded to prevent them from getting damaged. If possible, remove the antenna. Depending on the vehicle, this may be a little difficult. 

Preparing Your Electric Car For A jet Wash or Rollover Carwash

Most of the above steps will apply if you take your electric car through a jet wash or rollover carwash.

You should still ensure that your vehicle has plenty of charge, all automatic functions are turned off, and any protruding objects are removed before entering. 

When going through a jet wash or rollover carwash, you must turn the engine off and keep the handbrake engaged rather than keeping the vehicle switched on and in neutral.

Before going through any carwash, regardless of whether it has tunnels, a jet wash, or rollovers, you will need to check that it is not affected by any existing issues that may worsen after coming into contact with the water. 

When using a jet wash to clean your car, remember a couple of things:

First, ensure that you select the correct size cleaning gun for each stage of the process, positioning yourself at a slight distance from the car to ensure that the projection isn’t too intense.

Also, that you wash off all of the cleaning product before it dries to prevent it from affecting the finish of the metal surface. 

What Are The Benefits Of Taking An Electric Car Through A Carwash?

There are several benefits associated with washing your vehicle via an electric carwash. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is convenience.

Rather than exerting yourself by cleaning your car and gathering all the required materials, the carwash will do all the hard work for you.

Also, cleaning your car this way isn’t going to demand a lot of your time. In most cases, your vehicle will be washed and cleaned within a few minutes. 

Most carwash machines are designed to clean your car using a gentle motion. So you can be confident that your vehicle won’t get damaged after going through one.

They also follow a particular series of steps, so you know what happens at each stage. 

How To Choose The Right Cleaning Program For Your Electric Vehicle

If you have not used a carwash before, you may be uncertain about the right program for your electric vehicle.

Of course, it depends on what you are looking for, but it is recommended that you opt for the pre-wash program.

This program will remove most of the dirt from the surface of your vehicle. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it is perfectly safe to take an electric car through a carwash as the water isn’t going to cause a lot of damage.

This is because the components are sealed, so there is no way for the water to get to them. It is recommended that you consider the steps we have provided you with to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for the process.

Regular visits to the carwash will ensure that the build-up of dirt isn’t too severe, and your vehicle will ultimately be easier to maintain. 

However, if you like to wash your car at home, I’ll take you through how to wash your electric car next.