Best Tesla to J1772 Adapter

Ever since Tesla opened its network to non-Tesla EVs there has been a growing demand for adapters that allow you to connect your J Plug vehicle to a destination charger.

These adapters act as a bridge, connecting the proprietary Tesla charging technology to the standard EV connections commonly used by other car makers.

When selecting an adapter, compatibility is paramount; the adapter not only has to fit the Tesla’s unique charging port but also has to communicate effectively with the J1772 station to ensure a safe and efficient charging process.

These adapters aren’t expensive but I’d caution against getting the cheapest one you see on Amazon. This list has done all the important filtering for you so you can be confident in your purchase.

The 3 Best Tesla to J1772 Adapters

In our search for the most efficient and reliable Tesla to J1772 adapters, we’ve narrowed down the options that stand out for their build quality, ease of use, and compatibility.

These adapters allow non-Tesla owners to access a broader network of charging stations, ensuring that charging is never an obstacle, no matter the journey.

πŸŽ–οΈ Best Overall: Syncwire Tesla to J1772 adapter

πŸ₯ˆ Runner Up: Lectron Tesla to J1772 adapter

πŸͺ™ Budget Friendly: Syaoone Tesla to J1772 adapter

πŸ“’ Honourable Mention: TeslaTap J1772 adapter

Syncwire Tesla to J1772 adapter

Our Rating 0/5
Build Quality0/5
Ease of Use0/5

Verdict: We think this Syncwire adapter is a must-have for EV owners who want the versatility of charging at Tesla stations without any hassle.

We've been on the lookout for a reliable adapter to bridge our EVs and the expansive Tesla charging network. The Syncwire Tesla to J1772 Adapter emerges as a top-tier choice. The construction feels solid, reassuring us it can hold up against rough handling and harsh weather, reassuring to have on cross-country trips.

Charging speeds are crucial for us, particularly on long drives where time is of the essence. With this adapter, we're pleased to find that our EV charges quickly, allowing us to get back on the road with minimal downtime. It's a game-changer, especially when every minute counts.

Using this adapter is a breeze. Its plug-and-play design means we don't need to fiddle with any technical setup. Once we click it into place, it stays secure until we're ready to hit the road again. We appreciate the product's compactness, making it a non-issue to keep in the car for whenever it might come in handy.

βœ… Highly compatible with J1772 vehicles and robust against the elements

βœ… Impressive fast charging capability

βœ… Extremely user-friendly, from installation to storage

🚫 Limited to Tesla connectors, not suitable for Superchargers

🚫 Higher priced than some may expect for an adapter

🚫 Carrying pouch quality could be improved

Lectron Tesla to J1772 adapter

Our Rating 0/5
Build Quality0/5
Ease of Use0/5

Verdict: A solid choice for J1772 vehicle owners who want to access Tesla charging stations without hassle and a reputable brand.

Having just tried out the Lectron J1772 Adapter, we appreciate its ability to unlock a world of Tesla charging stations for non-Tesla electric vehicles. Its promise of up to 48A charging means our car gets juiced up faster than many other options. We found it blends in smoothly with various Tesla connectors and easily fit into our everyday carry without taking up much space – a travel-friendly accessory indeed.

While using this adapter regularly, we noticed its sturdy build which initially felt reassuring. However, the snugness of the connection, while secure, made us be extra cautious during each use, concerned that it might be challenging to disconnect under certain circumstances.

There's another slight niggle that came to light – it seems not entirely waterproof. After a particularly heavy downpour, we had to be extra careful to dry it off completely to avoid any risk of corrosion. Some users might also question its long-term resilience after extensive use, but our experience so far has been without major hiccups.

In our view, this adapter opens up new venues for charging, especially beneficial when Tesla spots are all around. It's a game-changer when you're low on charge and find a Tesla station nearby. Despite a few concerns about fit and water sensitivity, we've found this piece of kit to be a practical, almost essential part of our EV toolkit.

βœ… Boosts charging possibilities significantly

βœ… Seamless integration with Tesla’s ecosystem

βœ… Highly portable for charging on the go

🚫 Fit might be too snug for some

🚫 No protection against water ingress

🚫 Potential issues with durability over time

Syaoone Tesla to J1772 adapter

Our Rating 0/5
Build Quality0/5
Ease of Use0/5

Verdict: Worth it on price alone and offers a seamless charging experience with Tesla equipment.

The Syaoone's charging speed is noteworthy. With a 60A current output, it infects your vehicle with juice rapidly, reducing downtime significantly.

Moreover, its quality build reassured me of its durability during frequent use.

Its compactness complements the overall experience. The adapter tucked away easily into the car’s storage without being a burden, proving its worth as an essential tool in the arsenal of an EV owner.

This portability is crucial, especially when space is at a premium during long travels.

Given its capabilities and the freedom it affords J1772 vehicle owners, the Syaoone J1772 Adapter stands out as a practical solution to range anxiety.

Its drawbacks are few but might be notable for those who heavily rely on Tesla's Superchargers.

However, for the everyday commute and most road trips, it's more than capable of handling your charging needs, making it a valuable addition to your EV gear.

βœ… Cheap

βœ… Up to 60A output

βœ… Portable and user-friendly design

🚫 Specific compatibility with Tesla products may not suit all EVs

Buying Guide

Assessing Compatibility

Before purchasing a Tesla to J1772 adapter, it's crucial to confirm the compatibility with your Tesla model and the J1772 charging station. Research the specifications to ensure a seamless connection between the vehicle and the charger.

Evaluating Build Quality

The durability of an adapter is essential. We look for options crafted from high-grade materials that can withstand regular use and provide a secure connection. A well-built adapter ensures safety and longevity.

Considering Electrical Specifications

AmperageThe amp rating of the adapter should match or exceed our EV's requirements to provide efficient charging.
VoltageEnsure the adapter supports the voltage level of our home charging station or public charger.

Ease of Use

An adapter that is easy to connect and disconnect provides a hassle-free experience. A design that allows for a firm grip can also be a pivotal factor in our selection process.


If we plan to use the adapter frequently on-the-go, prioritizing a lightweight and compact design can be beneficial. This makes it easier to carry and store.

Safety Features

Choosing an adapter with safety protections, such as overvoltage protection and resistance to the elements, is paramount. These features protect both our vehicle and the charging station from potential damage.

Frequently Asked

Tesla to J1772 adapters enable non-Tesla electric vehicles to charge at Tesla's destination chargers. They convert the Tesla plug to a standard J1772 connector, which is widely adopted by most EVs in North America.

We recommend the Tesla Tap J1772 adapter, capable of handling up to 80A charging. Its durability and reliable connectivity make it a popular choice for efficient energy transfer.

When selecting an adapter for a Rivian, ensure it's capable of 48A charging to match the Rivian's onboard charger. Also, look for adapters certified for safety and with a sturdy connection to prevent wear over time.

Performance variations can include maximum current capacity and charging speed. Some adapters may also offer better build quality and longer durability, impacting overall charging performance.

Choosing between a Tesla to J1772 or a Tesla to CCS adapter depends on the charging stations you intend to use. J1772 is more common at Level 2 AC chargers, while CCS is typically used for DC fast charging. It's advisable to select the adapter that matches the prevalent connectors in your area.