The Best Home Charger For The KIA EV6

The Kia EV6 is a crossover SUV with a 48A 11.5 kW onboard charger and is available with either a 58 kWh or 77 kWh battery, depending on the model.

The EVIPOWER from EVIQO is the best charger for this electric car, rated at up to 48A for fast charging, is UL tested for safety, and is available in NEMA 14-50 and hardwired options.

EVIQO EVIPOWER Level 2 EV Charger [48 Amp]

🎯 Scored 98/100 on State of Charges' benchmark test

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As a leading EV authority, we compare the various car chargers available and examine the key features, including apps, specs, charging time, cable lengths, and price, and then make recommendations so that you can make an informed choice regarding the best home charger for your Kia EV6.


State of Charge benchmark0/100

The highest-ever score for home EVSE from the State of Charge's extensive testing on YouTube!

The EVIQO can deliver up to 48 amps, but if used straight out of the box, it provides 40 amps through a NEMA 14-50 plug.

For those looking to maximize its output, a simple hardwiring process and a dip switch adjustment inside the unit can unlock its full potential.

Additionally, its weatherproof rating and smart connectivity options via a dedicated app make it suitable for various environments and user preferences.

Ease of Installation: The mounting bracket and simple attachment process make installing the unit straightforward.

Cable Length: The 25-foot cable length and over 3-foot long plug cable offer flexibility in installation.

Security Features: Security screws and a special Allen key provide a basic level of theft deterrence.

Build Quality: The J1772 connector is robust and feels durable, similar to high-quality competitors.

Weather Ratings: The unit's IP66 rating ensures it can withstand a range of weather conditions.

Extras: The inclusion of high-quality drywall anchors and extra screws is a nice touch.

Connector Holster: The additional security feature inside the rubber cap can make it difficult to remove.

Full Power Requirement: To get the maximum 48 amps, the unit needs to be hardwired, which may not be convenient for everyone.

EVIQO EVIPOWER Level 2 EV Charger [48 Amp]

🎯 Scored 98/100 on State of Charges' benchmark test

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The ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger 

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The HomeFlex is still one of the very best home EV charging systems available today. The ChargePoint offers the fastest charging time, variable current settings, premium build quality, and is available in plug-in and hardwired options.

This is a premium product, but if you consider this more of an investment, then it makes sense to spend a little more and get everything you need the first time.

Because the EV6 has an 11.5kW charger, running this charger at 50A will charge at around 37mph and nine (9) times faster than a level 1 charger!

Starting from just 16A  and moving through 24A, 32A, 40A, 48A, and 50A charging options, you can set your charging current to suit your preferred charging times.

It’s critical to remember that Level 2 home chargers use a 240V supply, which is more powerful than the standard 110V/120V home supply. To this end, you would need a dedicated 50A GFCI circuit if you are going for the hardwired option.

Siemens QF250A Breaker Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter [50 Amp]

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The ChargePoint has a 3-year guarantee and 24/7 support, and their backup is excellent, so if you need assistance, all you need to do is pick up the phone.

This unit comes standard with the J1772 connector and is available with NEMA 14-50 or 6-50 plugs, and hardwired options and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Adjustable amperage - Can reach around homes to charge the car on the driveway

WiFi-enabled - You can schedule charging from your phone when electricity is cheap

9x faster charging - 37 miles of range per hour

Plug-in or hardwired installation - Suits a variety of home environments

Premium option - Not attainable for everyone

23-foot cable - Could have a couple of extra feet for charging on the driveway

ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charging Station

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WallBox Pulsar Plus Level 2 Electric Vehicle Smart Charger 

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Our third choice for the best home charger for your KIA EV6 is the Wallbox Pulsar.

This 48A smart home charger delivers the same output charging power (11,5kW) as the ChargePoint and will charge your KIA EV6 as it matches the KIA’s onboard charging capacity.

The 40A charger will only deliver around 9.6kW, which will be slower than the ChargePoint’s 50A faster charging capacity.

The 48A version does not have a NEMA connector, so this one has to be hardwired; the 40A version of this model comes with a 14-50 plug, but both come with the J1772 connector, so there are no charging port compatibility issues.

Like the JuiceBox, the WallBox offers dual charging capacity, plus it can be connected to your home solar system for free charging using excess solar energy generated. This is an added bonus if you live in an area with plentiful solar radiation.

The 40A model sells for $649, so from a price perspective, it’s the same as the JuiceBox, while the hardwired 48A model is $699, only $50 less than the ChargePoint.

The WallBox also offers adjustable charging from 16A to 48A, connecting to low-power circuits when you don’t need maximum charging power.

The WallBox’s app allows full control of the charging process, and you can monitor your usage, control your charging time and schedule off-peak charging times to reduce your costs.

You can also connect the WallBox to your smart home system and utilize Google home and Alexa for voice-activated control.

The wall box has Bluetooth connectivity while the JuiceBox does not, so if you have twitchy internet connections, you may opt for the Bluetooth-enabled charger.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV Smart Charger

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We recommend the ChargePoint Home Flex Charger as it offers the optimum charging rate, is UL tested, has a 3-year warranty, has variable charging current settings, and is Wifi and Alexa compatible. While more expensive than the JuiceBox and WallBox, the overall quality and performance make it the best choice.

While the KIA EV6 can use the Tesla Superchargers network as it has the CSS Combo charger, you need to install an app and set up an account to get access.

Plus, the EV6 does not lock the charger in place, so anyone can disconnect it if you move away from your KIA while charging.

Also, you could not use your KIA EV6 at the 250kWh charging station, and this is due to a communication issue between the charging station and the vehicle, but Tesla advises there is an app update coming to sort this out.

Another issue is that your charging port may be too far away from the charging station, so you may need to park between two stations to connect.